Girls Mini Tattoos Vending Capsules

Girls Mini Tattoos Vending Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

Popular Mini Tattoos

It’s become the latest fad – tattoos. Used to be just rough and tough bikers had tattoos. Now they’re popular with virtually everyone including soccer Moms, financial geniuses, and even girls and boys.

The Girls Mini Tattoos Vending Capsules are the perfect, temporary tattoo for the girls.
These mini Unicorns, Panda Bears, Horses, Butterflys, Bunny Rabbits, and the other 15 different tattoos are the perfect size and pretty too. They are sure to sell like hot cakes in girl’s clothing stores, pizza parlors, convenience stores, and anywhere else girls congregate.

These one inch capsules come in 250 count and vend in machines with one inch wheels. now offers these capsules at a great price. Be sure to get the attractive display card for these tattoos with your next order.