Hood Hounds Series 1 Vending Capsules

Hood Hounds Series 1 Vending Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

Hounds Everywhere

Now every kid can take their special dog anywhere they go school, church, or grocery shopping with Mom without getting in trouble! All they need to get are the 2 inch Hood Hounds Series 1 Vending Capsules next time they’re at the supermarket or convenience store.

These colorful figurine pooches come in a variety of breeds like doberman, pit bull, bull dog, and even chihuahuas, plus eight other favorites. Each capsule contains one dog and even though some may look scary, they’re harmless. They’re a perfect companion all day, every day.

These figurines will be popular with both boys and girls alike and they vend for either 75 cents or $1.00. Get your box of 250 from candymachines.com today. Also ask about the special display card for these figurines.