Peace Love Hope Bracelet Vending Capsules - Click Here to Buy

Peace Love Hope Bracelet Vending Capsules - Click Here to Buy

Old favorites return


Do you remember the jewelry you could eat? I remember buying it from the local market on the way to school. Well, it’s back!

Candy Jewelry Vending Capsules are the same kind of fun edible bracelets, rings and necklaces that we munched on in school. They’re still fruit flavored, and they’re still the great red, blue, yellow, white and green treats that last all day.

Another blast from the past are the Peace Love Hope Bracelet Vending Capsules . These bracelets are right out of the Vietnam War era when a large group of Americans were against the war. The peace sign was all the rage then and will be again. Besides the classic peace sign, there are hearts, smiley faces and decorative beads on each bracelet.

Add to that the new set of Sticky Mix Vending Capsules . Kids have been having fun with these assorted slimy black spiders, purple frogs, red lizards, and green butterflies for years. They are always fun to hide and scare your friends or family.

All of these capsules dispense in vending machines with a 2” wheel. They come in 250 count and offers display cards for these capsules at an additional $6.00.