Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine – Click Here to Buy!

Need to boost Morale in the office? Do it with a gumball machine!

Everyone who works in an office knows that the attitude can go stale from time to time. Employees can feel under appreciated by their managers or owners and stressed out by different work situations. No one wants that.

Employers have to figure out ways to keep the office fun and moving and alleviate stress as much as possible. In a study done in Tokyo and published in the Journal of Prosthodontic Research they found that one’s cortisol (the hormone that produces stress) levels decrease after just 10 minutes of chewing gumballs. So why not help your employees out with this and get a gumball machine?

Candymachines.com has some great gumball machines that would work in any break room or even in the lobby of your office. The gum that is offered comes in great gourmet flavors as well as sizes.  The staff is there to help you out if you have any questions.

What a great way to liven up your office and show your employees and customers that your office can be fun too!