Lil' Whirler Spiral Gumball Machine

Lil’ Whirler Spiral Gumball Machine – Click Here to Buy!

The Whirler Gumball Machine is eye catching.  It’s the first thing you see when you walk into a business. Whirler machines with their spiral action offer a little more show than a standard bulk vending machine. It is also much harder to ignore the size and presence of the Whirler. This helps to draw the attention of children and adults alike, making sales more likely. The size and fun of the sale help to increase revenue. The purchase of a Whirler machine is like a promotional investment and can bring your customers a lot of enjoyment.

Choosing the size of the Whirler is based on the area, location and placement of the Whirler Machine. One model stands 5 feet tall with a high impact acrylic globe at the top. The machine base is about 16 inches in diameter and has a clear cylinder with a spiral running down the middle of it.  The machine vends up to 3000 1” Gumballs and comes in fun bright colors. You can choose to add lights or without lights for added style and attention.

The 4ft. Whirler is just as stylish and attention grabbing as the 5 foot Whirler. It’s perfect for a smaller location or paired with additional combo machines.  The 4ft. Whirler is available with or without lights. The machine holds an impressive 1500 1” gumballs and comes in fun bright colors.

Standing at a little over 2 feet tall the Lil Whirler is just the right size to sit on top of a counter.  Add the stand making it 49 inches tall makes it just the right height for any office, home or entry way.  The Lil Whirler can hold 450 1” Gumballs or approximately 10 lbs. of candy. Purchase Neon lights for an added bonus.  The Lil Whiler has a high impact acrylic globe and is available in Red or Yellow. Call 800-853-3941 for personalized customer service or go to