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Baseball Season-

Well folks, baseball season is here, not just for the pros but also for the kids all around the world. This is my favorite time of the year. When my son was playing you got to meet new people such as the parents of the kids playing on the team. I made a longtime friend from the season. Her son and my son played ball together since they were five years old in what is called T-Ball they too have become good friends. They played ball together all the way until high school but at two different schools. By the time the season came to an end both of their schools had made it to the big playoff game. It was hard not to cheer for just one team knowing that our sons where playing against each other! Both families met in the middle to cheer for both teams. It was a great game that came down to the wire. Unfortunately my son’s team lost 1-0 on a balk. Throughout the season we got fun baseball themed items from to share with the teams and parents, like Baseball Gumballs and at a fundraiser we raffled a fun Sports Fan Baseball Machine

So that is why I like baseball season. You get to meet great people that become longtime friends. You can always use friends.