Black Cherry Gumballs 1080 ct.

Black Cherry Gumballs 1080 ct. - Click Here To Buy!

Truly a Sweet Taste-

Unlike the tale about George Washington and the cherry tree, the Black Cherry Gumballs are truly a great treat for all your customers.

This sweet taste was first cultivated in modern day Turkey way back in 72 BC. So although these gumballs have that same delightful cherry taste, there’s no pit to worry about. That’s going to leave your customers wanting more.

These 15/16 inch gumballs are manufactured by Oak Leaf and vend in gumball or toy machines with 1 inch dispensing wheels. They come in 1080 count cases and have a shelf life of up to 18 months when kept out of extreme hot or cold conditions. They vend for 25 cents which makes them a great buy.  Since there are more gumballs per case compared to cases of 1 inch gumballs you have more money coming in with every case you buy. has them in stock today and also offers great discounts for multiple case orders.