Assorted Mix 45mm Bouncy Balls

Assorted Mix 45mm Bouncy Balls – Click Here to Buy!

Super Duper Bouncy Balls

High bouncing bursts of color that provide children hours of fun and cool mementos. Made of durable, super springy, rubber bouncy balls are non-perishable toys that have a long shelf life. They can be vended in machines that have either a 1-inch or 2-inch, Gumball or Toy Capsule Wheel. They are “self-vending” and do not require an additional capsule to vend.  That saves on cost and maintenance.

Bouncy Balls come in a variety of options:

49mm – 2” Vend @  75 cents – 1.00 dollar (40 ct). Best in Larger Machines.

45mm – 2” Vend @  50 – 75 cents (50 ct)

32mm – 1” Vend @  50 cents (100 ct)

27mm – 1” Vend  @  25 cents (250 ct)

There are many eye catching design and shapes for kids to collect; Monkey Faces, Soccer Balls, Pool Balls, Swirls, and MLB Mini Baseballs to name a few.  And with there is profit in vending them. Purchase a case of 250 count, 27mm – Assorted Super Bouncy Balls costing $19.50 vend them @ 25 cents each and render a return of $43.00. Now that is bouncing high!