Gumball Flowers

Gumball Flowers

These gumball flowers are so cute and would be great at a birthday party, wedding shower or to give as gifts to brighten someone’s day. has great colors and finishes to choose from that will match your décor great! The flowers are very easy to make and lots of fun to give, receive & chew.



(per flower)

1 plastic balloon stick & cups

1 clear elastic band

7 1” gumballs

1 2” gumball

1 cellophane cut into circle shape

Gumball Flowers

Gumball Flowers


Step 1: Place large 2” gumball on balloon stick.

Step 2: Place the smaller 1” gumballs around the lip of the balloon stick.

Step 3: Wrap cellophane around gumballs and secure at base of the balloon stick with clear elastic band & adorn with ribbon!

Step 4: Stand back and admire how cute your flower looks and how little time it took!