Red, White & Green Gumballs

Red, White & Green Gumballs - Click Here To Buy!

I have a lot of adult foot traffic in my store during the Holidays and I’m looking for a candy that will vend very well.  I was told the Red, Green, and White Boston Beans are a great choice for my candy vending machines, especially now for the Christmas holiday season.  I was thinking that the colored Boston Beans would work well for other holidays too.  The Red, Green, and White are also great colors for representing the Italian flag as well as Cinco De Mayo celebrations.

The Boston Beans are toasted peanuts on the inside with a mix of red, green and white candy coatings. They are delicious and will vend very well for a quarter. has all the specialty candies that I like to vend and all the Gumballs that put a smile on the faces of my customers.