Custom Vending Machine Tokens - Click Here To Buy!

Custom Vending Machine Tokens - Click Here To Buy!

Tokens – a way to get personal has the perfect way to let you get personal with your customers and to keep them coming back to your vending machines  —  Vending Machine Tokens.

Tokens have been around for centuries, and the first recorded use of tokens was in 1874 in South Africa. These tokens were made by Strachan and Co. and they were used as currency in a remote area of South Africa. Since then tokens have, and are being used in many ways. There are tokens used as currency, and in casinos, subways, car washes, video arcades and also vending machines.

The tokens offered by are the same quality as a US coins and are minted under the same quality controls, using the same type of presses as the U.S. Mint.
So the tokens last forever, just like coins.

What’s great about these tokens is you can let your creative juices flow by personalizing them on both sides any way you want. One side can be your company name and logo and the other side can have text or you can select from 100 different stock designs. It’s all up to you. also furnishes artwork for your approval within two weeks from your order date.

There are 15 different token sizes, with the most common size being the .984 in diameter token used in vending machines. That is just a little larger than a U.S. quarter. And has coin mechanisms made specifically for tokens on most vending machines. Tokens come in cases of 1,000, and you can check out the standard designs today and be a business that gets personal with your customers!