Sqwishland Mega Rare Vending Capsules

Sqwishland Mega Rare Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

When should you purchase a display card for your Toy capsule vending machine? A good time to purchase a display card is when you are introducing a new product or switching product.

Display cards are helpful in showing what you’re vending in your machine they are also an added bonus for attracting customers to the product you’re vending.

The Display card is a 3-dimensional live display featuring a sampling of the toys found in the mix.  Simply place the card inside the globe of your toy capsule vending machine.

Display cards help to increase sales and can be purchased with your capsule order.  You will need to display a new card every time you change the type of toy you are vending.  CandyMachines.com has the Toy Capsule Machines as well as hundreds of Toys to choose from.