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Order Our New Gold or Silver Gumballs Today!

Oct 19, 2011

Order Our New Gold or Silver Gumballs Today!

Silver Gumballs

Silver Gumballs - Click Here To Buy!

The Perfect Take Home Gift

I’m a huge fan of your web site and have ordered gifts many times in the past.
So the other night I was browsing around your site and saw the Silver Gumballs and the Gold Gumballs. I realized they will be just what I want to give as a take home gift for my family and friends at my wedding in November.

I’ll mix the colors and put them in small crystal jars and have them at everyone’s place at the tables. I may even use them, along with the Pearl Powder Blue gumballs, as center pieces at every table.

They are so elegant and the shimmer finish will look so glamorous with the candles I have already planned for the center pieces. Plus I know all the guests will enjoy the treat of the fruity flavor.

As always,, you have come up with the perfect, yet reasonably priced, solution to my dilemma of what to give as a remembrance of my wedding.

You can be sure I’m going let all my girlfriends know that they need to check first before deciding on decorations for their next parties too!

Thanks again