11 Column Snack Vending Machine

11 Column Snack Vending Machine - Click Here To Buy!

My office wanted to offer its employees snacks at a reasonable price. Looking around, we found an affordable 11- Column Snack Machine for $399 + shipping from www.candymachines.com.

It’s only 23 inches wide x 23 inches deep so it fits perfectly on top of our break-room counter! It’s mechanical and doesn’t require any programming on our part and has been very reliable.

The machine holds up to 133 candy bars/snack items and we got to set the amount for any price we wanted up to $1.25.  We chose to set it for 75 cents for each item which has worked out well for all. The machine comes factory set for 50 cent vends, but we paid an extra $45 to change the vending amount. Paying the extra, for us, has really paid off.  

It’s been really a great investment. since buying it 4 months ago, I overheard my boss saying that we just made our investment back on the purchase!