Carousel Kiosk Vending Machine

Carousel Kiosk Vending Machine – Click Here to Buy!

Carousel Kiosk Vending Machine has so much to offer in a 28” diameter footprint! The bright colors and safe rotating vending machines fit well in a corner for the customer’s enjoyment. The Carousel Kiosk is topped with a whimsical color coordinating umbrella allowing for a visual appeal not found in any other vending unit.

The top part of the Carousel holds three 2” Capsule machines, 2” Capsules with Toys or 2” Super Bouncy Balls vend best. The large machines can vend for .50, .75 or $1.00. The small machines on the bottom can vend 1” Gumballs/Capsules or Candy for .25 or .50 cents. This all in one vending machine will be an added delight to any Restaurant and it works well in children’s Dentist or Pediatric offices too.