Disney Fairy Mini Tin & Princess Ring Mix

Disney Fairy Mini Tin & Princess Ring Mix - Click Here To Buy!

Tins and Rings, Disney for Girls

It’s every little girl’s dream to be a princess. Walt Disney had the inspiration and brought princesses alive with the likes of Tiana, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora, and many others. You can help little girls feel like princesses with the Disney Fairy Mini Tin & Princess Ring Mix capsules that are available from candymachines.com.

The Disney princesses have been popular since 1939 when Snow White first appeared. She was followed by Cinderella in 1950, Aurora in 1959, and Jasmine in 1992 along many others in between. These rings will brighten the fingers of every girl, and if rings or the princesses aren’t their thing, each tin features one of 5 different fairy’s. The tins are on chains that will add a touch of class to backpacks, zippers or binders.

This mix of 250 tins and rings with beautiful pictures of fairy’s and princesses vend for either 50 or 75 cents. There are 12 different tins and 14 different rings and they all come ready to vend in machines with a 2 inch vending wheel.  When you place your next order be sure to ask about the display card that is available for an additional fee.