Lil' Whirler Spiral Gumball Machine

Lil' Whirler Spiral Gumball Machine - Click Here To Buy!

Little Red Money Making Machine

Just had to write you because I’m astonished that your Lil’ Whirler Spiral Gumball Machine has been an instant money maker for me. I bought 3 counter top machines from you about a month ago. I put one in a convenience store, another in the local auto parts store, and the last one in my friend’s arcade.

Let me tell you all of them are huge hits! I knew everyone would be mesmerized by the 1 inch goodies spiraling down from the globe, but I never imagined selling so much in such a short time!

I started out ordering only gumballs, but I think this order I’ll get some jawbreakers and Sweet Revenge Candy. Maybe later I’ll try the Super Bouncy Balls and Round Capsules. Right now the sweets are what everyone wants.

It’s just about time to order more of those machines, mainly because my wife wants one for her real estate office. And this time I’m getting some stands, one to put in her office and a couple of my other locations.

Thanks for selling American made products and being so helpful when I call or email you! You can be sure I’m letting my friends with game rooms all know about your web site!