Mr. Jelly Belly Bean Dispenser

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Mr. Jelly Belly Dispenser

Since childhood I have been able to make friends with inanimate objects.  I could spend hours playing with Mr. Potato Head, Miss Paper Doll and Queenie the Bear. Now my imagination allows me to play in my own candy filled world. I recently got my hands on the new Mr. Jelly Belly ~ Bean Machine. I was thrilled and whooped when I saw one of my favorite candies in a fun filled dispenser!

I immediately noticed Mr. Jelly Belly at the helm with the bean dispensing leaver in his gloved hands. Yes Mr. Jelly Belly has hands. I could tell he was friendly, yet very serious about his job – he had a Chef’s hat on. Mr. Jelly Belly seemed reserved, so I introduced myself and asked about the cool looking shoot and gears inside the machine. I found out that he was as bright and bold as any one of his fabulous flavors.  He explained how the jelly beans (you get more than one) come down the shoot and fill the tray.

To my delight, he invited me to help him dispense a batch. Nervously, I put my finger on the lever and pressed down.  Wahoo – I was rewarded with the joy of seeing the gears move and the jelly beans coming down the shoot. And I got to eat them.  Mr. Jelly Belly and I see each other regularly. He has become a very good friend indeed.