Toy Candy Crane Claw Game

Toy Candy Crane Claw Game – Click Here to Buy!

Arcade fun at home!  The portable Toy Candy Crane Claw machine will entertain kids (young and old) for hours.  The machine has a classic design with a red trim, old-fashioned controls, and a durable claw tool.  Fill the machine with your favorite candy or small toys. Place a plastic token (30 included) or a real coin in the coin slot and fun music start to play. That is your cue to start clawing for prizes!

Three joysticks control the claw.  You can move forward, backward, sideways, up, or down. When you’re over the prize you want, lower and open the claw and nab it. The captured treat arrives through the chute from inside the machine.  Didn’t get the prize?  Hurry up and try again.  When the music stops, so does your chance to win. That is, until you place another token or coin in the Candy Crane Claw Machine to try again!

The game is recommended for ages 8 years and up and requires 3 “D” batteries which are not included. offers a selection for you to pick out your favorite candy and toys!