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Order Xoddo’s Vending Capsules Today!

Jun 03, 2013

Order Xoddo’s Vending Capsules Today!
Xoddo Vending Capsules

Xoddo Vending Capsules – Click Here To Buy!

Xoddo’s are squishy Pencil Toppers that come in twelve scary or sweet characters.  The concept is great and soon to catch the eyes of every child around.  The way Xoddo’s works is to find a 1” or 2” capsule from the Vending Machine and scan the QRC Code and build up points and Free Stuff. Each capsule has a squishy pencil topper and an insert to scan.   The word Xoddo is pronounced Zough-Dough and it even has an interactive web site where you can design your own personal characters to share and play games with.  Go to web site and order your Xoddo’s 1” or 2” Capsules to vend. Each bag comes with 250 already filled capsules. Kids will try and collect all twelve characters.