Triple Mint Refresh Gum Tabs

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All those years we were told candy wasn’t good for us, it’s just sugar, and it’ll make the kids hyperactive, THEY WERE WRONG! Candy has some great benefits!

Did you know that chocolate actually helps with depression? It contains both serotonin and phenylethylamine. This are chemicals found in your brain that help to enhance mood. Rich dark chocolate has also been linked by a study reported in the British Medical Journal to decrease the risk of heart attack and stoke by 39% if eaten regularly.

A Study done at Harvard School of Public Health says that people who ate candy several times a month actually lived longer than those who didn’t by almost an entire year. Some researchers believe the antioxidant phenol, which is also found in red wine, may be responsible for the increased longevity of candy lovers. Researchers are also saying chewing peppermint gum can help with concentration according to a study at the University of Cincinnati. An animal study done in 2011 found that the flavonoid in licorice has reversed learning and memory problems caused by Type 2 diabetes.

If you’re a candy lover who feels guilt when you indulge in your favorite treat, take heart: although dark chocolate candy has the most proven health benefits, other favorites such as peppermint and licorice have some advantages as well. So, enjoy yourself — in moderation, of course — and contact to place your order.