Puppy & Dog Treat Machine - Click Here To Buy!

Puppy & Dog Treat Machine - Click Here To Buy!

Anyone who has a cat or dog knows they love treats, almost as much as they love you.
And there’s no better time to show your pet how much you care than at Christmas.

Candymachines.com has the perfect way to show your love with a treat machine.
The Puppy & Dog Treat Machine and the Kitty Cat Treat Machine give your special friends access to treats day or night and whether you’re home or not.

With one push of the dog bone handle of the Puppy & Dog Treat Machine and your buddy gets a treat just for them. And you can adjust the wheel so your doggy doesn’t eat too many treats before supper.

The Kitty Cat Treat Machine has a carpet covered wheel that your kitty paws to dispense a treat into the bowl below.

Each treat machine dispenses most dry pet foods and treats. And not to worry, each machine comes with training instructions.

Candymachines.com even has a treat for you, because for the holidays they are offering a great discount on each of these pet treat machines.