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Where do I put my machines?

At we are often asked, where is the best place to put my bulk vending machine? While there are many different locators out there that can help you, we think you can do it yourself. No one knows your neighborhood better than you do, so here is a list of a few places that could be great places to get your vending business started.

•  Any business you already frequent, like your dry cleaners, bank, etc.

•  24-Hour Store/Restaurant because of their long hours of operation

•  Busy stores with large numbers of customers who will pass by your machine make the odds in your favor

•  Places with people waiting for the business to complete something, like oil changes or waiting rooms

•  Recreation centers that cater to lots of children

•  Laundromats. People have to wait and they have quarters on them already

•  An office break room with a large number of people working at the same time of day with limited sources of food

Find a place where there are no other bulk candy machines at the location. If you are first on the scene that’s a plus. But, if there is a machine in that location already, the ice has been broken. You can place a different style of machine that vends different products.

Just a few people a day buying from your machine will add up. Remember just like with any business it is all about location, location, location, and quarters do add up to dollars and dollars!