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QTpop Tabletop Popcorn Machine Available Now!

Feb 10, 2015

QTpop Tabletop Popcorn Machine Available Now!

QTpop Tabletop Popcorn Machine

QTpop Tabletop Popcorn Machine – Click Here to Buy!

Want to perk-up a gathering?  Tempt guests (and yourself) with the mouthwatering smell of freshly popped, theater style, popcorn. Here at we opened a new QTpop Tabletop Popcorn Machine for the holidays and treated ourselves with a crunchy treat.  The compact (16.5” H x 12.5” W x 11” D) table top design makes it a perfect addition to any home or office.

The QT pop is very easy to assemble and use.  We tag teamed the effort with one of us doing the assembly and another acting as popcorn chef.  Our assembler said the instructions were easy to follow – just make sure to follow them.  She did say the one thing to remember is to plug in the internal power cord that is attached to the kettle before you insert the external power cord into an electrical outlet.

Our Popcorn Chef had a very easy time of producing 5 cups of thoroughly popped popcorn with just one Tablespoon of Popping Oil (we used one with a buttery flavor) and 1/3 Cup of Popcorn Kernels.  The measuring tools were included with the machine.  The switches for operation are easily found at the top of the unit.  You turn on both, wait 2-3 minutes to preheat then switch off the “Pop” switch while you add the kernels to the Kettle.  It takes about 2 minutes for you to hear the popping to begin.  When its stops popping, popped corn will spill out of the kettle into the dishwasher safe, removable tray.  The kettle is then purged by tipping the handle on its side.  If you make multiple batches like we did, you just have to switch it off and wait 5-10 minutes for it to cool.  Another thing we did was to use an array of sprinkled Toppings to create individualized flavors – yum.

Needless to say we had a good time munching away, but we did not get to keep it to ourselves.  Other departments followed the wonderful smell.  What a great way to share joy!