Question & Answer Time:

Bulk Vending

Can I operate this business from my house?

Yes. Absolutely! Since you are placing your machines in other locations there is no need for you to have a store front or show room. The most that you will need is a place to store any machines or refill supplies you may have. Most people use the garage or basement.


Can I Do This Business Part Time?

Yes. This is your business your hours. You will need to calculate your time for travel to and from your locations as well as the time you need to service the machines when you get there. Shopping won’t take long because we will send you whatever you need once you place your order on our website!


How Good Is The Cash Flow?

This is an all cash business so by definition it has the cash flowing. How much cash you have flowing will depend on how many machines you have out and the foot traffic at each of your locations.


Do I Have To Sell?

Not in the traditional sense. You place your machines on location and your machines do all the selling for you. They are the perfect employees! They work 24 hours a day and never need a break or get tired!


Where do I buy my candy, gumballs and other refill products?

You can order online at our site or call the office at 800-853-3941. Our staff loves helping people fill their machines and talking about the latest and greatest items in inventory