2 " Empty Acorn Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

2 " Empty Acorn Capsules - Click Here To Buy!

Is it time to refill the vending machine?  At candymachines.com we have the largest variety of vending refill supplies.  With such a large selection, there are so many fun items to choose from.

We sell some of the most popular capsules.  Pet Friends has been the biggest seller.  And now, are being sold as Pet Friends! We have Jungle Mania and Sea Mania too.  Children love to collect these cute squishy pencil toppers. 

The all classic bouncy balls and fun assorted toy mixes are here as well!

If you vend temporary tattoos, we have lots of styles and designs available.  For girls a real popular kind is our Lower Back Temporary Tattoos.  They’re very pretty and all the craze right now.  For the boys, The Ed Hardy Temporary Tattoos are sure to make them feel like real tough guys. 

If you’re not vending temporary tattoos but stickers, we have anything from sports stickers like NFL Football stickers to Hannah Montana stickers.

Candy, gumballs, and jawbreakers have been sold in vending machines everywhere for as long as we’ve known.  So there’s no going wrong with candy, it’ll continue to be the number one in vending machine sales.

Candymachines.com sure knows its stuff about vending machines and having all the refill supplies you need to make a profit.