Sea Mania and Pet Friends Pencil Toppers

Sea Mania and Pet Friends Pencil Toppers

Pencil Toppers now in Stock

For a long time some of the hottest selling pencil toppers were so popular that the manufacturer couldn’t keep up with the demand. They are available now just in time for your youngster’s summer parties. These are just what the kids want as party favors and presents. Then again teachers can order their supply of squishies (as the kids call them) for summer school or back-to-school days in Fall. These make great writing awards and giveaways for everyone in your classroom.

There are lots of different pencil toppers on the market. But the hottest selling toppers are the Pet Friends 1 Vending Capsules and the Pet Friends 2 Vending Capsules.

These adorable pencil toppers include critters like silly monkeys, blue elephants, darling pink pigs, green frogs and black and white penguins, just to name a few. Included in each mix of 250 are 25 special and rare squishies collectibles.

Another favorite with the kids are the Seamania Vending Capsules . As the first of the series, these popular rubber pencil toppers include a black and white whale, green and orange fish, and other sea creatures.

Brand new on the market are the Sea Mania 2 Vending Capsules . This series of squishies contains a blue crab, bright red lobster, a pink walrus and best of all a white haired, crazy eyed clam. These are just part of the fun and different toppers in this new series.

All of these squishies are kid safe and suggests you order early before the supplies run out again.