Snack and Soda Vending Machine - Click Here To Buy

Snack and Soda Vending Machine - Click Here To Buy

Are you thinking about buying a snack and soda vending machine for your business or for a certain location you have in mind? Well think no further because we have a few great options for you to buy and start making money.

Our 9 Column Snack Vending Machine is the cheapest option, with obviously 9 items that vend for $.50 a piece. It can be set to vend 6 candy bars and 3 chips options for a wider variety of selections. Our other Snack Machines include; the 11 Column Snack Vending Machine, and the 18 Column Snack Vending Machine.

We have one option for a soda only vending machine, the 5 Can Select Soda Machine. This has 5 soda can slots that are preset to vend for $.75 a piece and has high quality insulation for effective cooling.

Now if you want a vending machine to do both then take a look at the 9-5 Snack and Soda Vending Machine. It has the capacity to hold 155 sodas and 111 snacks so it can service even the highest traffic locations effectively! Soda is preset to vend for $.75 and the candy for $.50, but each row can be upgraded to vend for up to $1.25.

So stop thinking about it, and get one of these great machines today so that you can start making lots of money!