Eraser Mania Vending Capsules

Eraser Mania Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

One of the biggest fads these days are erasers. Kids of all ages love them, and they collect and trade them. There are some great eraser collections such as: Eraser Mania , Dinosaur Erasers , Eraser Cantina , Fast Food Erasers , Perfect Picnic , Rise and Shine , Fruit Erasers , Jumbo Erasers , Domo Erasers and Snack Attack . Some of these erasers are for the 2” toy capsule machine and some are for the 1” toy capsule machine. There are 250 erasers that come pre-packaged in either size capsule. You can vend them for 25 cents or 50 cents.

All of these erasers can be found at .