Sponge Bob Money Vending Stickers

Sponge Bob Money Vending Stickers

Money stickers come in new styles

Monopoly money and the real thing aside, the new money stickers offered by candymachines.com are the latest craze. Just in time for summer the Sponge Bob Money Vending Stickers and the My Lil’ Pets Money Vending Stickers will be popular with kids of all ages.

The My Lil’ Pets Money Stickers feature nine different colored pets. Some are mean, some sweet and cuddly, and some are just plain crazy looking. In other words there’s a sticker for every kid on the block. And the stickers come in real looking denominations, so the kids will keep coming back till they have all nine.

The bright colored Sponge Bob Money Stickers show every kids favorite guy in 12 poses, each one a delight for the young kids.

These stickers are now available from candymachines.com , and are made to vending in most sticker and tattoo flat vending machines. They come in 300 count boxes that are easily loaded, and each sticker is individual wrapped in cardboard. You can also get display cards for a nominal price.