SpongeBob Slap Bracelets Vending Capsules

SpongeBob Slap Bracelets Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

My daughters are slap happy for Sponge Bob Square Pants.  We found a kiosk of Vending Machines at the local mall and were tickled to find that it had 10 colorful machines packed full of prizes, bubble gum, and candy. The girls favorite cartoon character, Sponge Bob, was front and center. He and his friends were inside of 2-inch vending capsules in several incarnates (stickers, yo yo balls, tattoos, and slap bands).  We tried a couple of gumball and candy to get warmed up and then tried our quarters at the prize they really wanted – SpongeBob Square Pants Slap Bands.  Both girls have collected several and are trying for all eleven designs. They put them all on and dance around like they are in a Ballywood movie – what an inexpensive frolic.