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Gum Chewing Reduces Cravings

Are you trying to lose weight? According to a study done in Leeds, UK chewing gum between meals decreases cravings for salty and sweet snacks and could aid in appetite control for adult consumers.

Researchers at the University of Leeds Institute of Psychological Sciences concluded that gum chewing results in a greater reduction of food intake than a drink or semi-solid. The study goes on to say that chewing gum reduces desire for and intake of salty and sweet snacks in participants with moderately restrained diets who were trying to lose or maintain weight.

The researchers also observed a 10 percent reduction in consumed snack weight in gum chewers compared with non-chewers.

In 2009, Wrigley supported a similar study at the University of Rhode Island which found that chewing gum helped reduce calorie intake and burn energy.