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Replacement Glass Globes Now Available!

When the Glass Globe on your home Gumball Bank cracks the best place to replace it is at!  Here at CandyMachines, we sell 9” Globes, 11” Globes, and  15”Globes. Measure the top of the machine to the bottom of the base that sits on the table. 

Buy a Transparent Gumball Bank Today!

Transparent home gumball banks at a great price! Our Transparent banks come in a variety of colors and are a perfect gift for any occasion or addition to any room. Let’s be honest, what kid doesn’t want a gumball machine in their room!? These are easy for

Emoji Gumballs Now at!

Emoji’s have made a big impact in the smart phone world, and it seems as though nobody can send a text message without adding a cute little character. Kids and teens will love our new line of 1 inch Emoji Gumballs. This mix features the crying emoji,

Get your Jukebox Gumball Bank Today!

Jukebox Gumball Banks Just back in the warehouse in time for your gift giving needs is the Jukebox Gumball Bank. This great nostalgic 1950 looking bank is perfect for all the music lovers on your list. The bank is about 9 1/2 “ tall and will hold

Replacement Glass Globes Available Now!

Did you crack your Glass Globe on your home Gumball Bank? When the Glass Globe on your home Gumball Bank cracks the best place to replace it is at sells 9” Globes, 11” Globes and a 15”Globe. Measure the top of the machine to the

Free Shipping Rocks!

Do you need to get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping? Even though it’s the same time every year it seems to sneak up on most people. is currently offering FREE SHIPPING on selected items. These are limited and the section will change often so make

Looney Toons Handy Candy Frame Available Now!

Are you looking for a unique gift for a co-worker, teacher, or friend? Are you decorating your child’s room and looking for the perfect wall hanging? The Looney Toons Handy Candy Frame is a great conversation piece, is easily displayed on a wall, and can dispense gumballs

Buy The Handy Candy Frame Today!

This Handy Candy Frame gumball/candy dispenser is so cool!  What little kid (or big kid) wouldn’t find it completely awesome to have their very own wall mounted candy/gum dispenser?  All you need to do is turn the knob and it will dispense your candy or gumballs. Hang

Buy The Simpsons Gumball Bank!

The Simpsons The Simpsons is the longest running scripted show in history according to the official Simpsons website and last week was cancelled by Fox. They immediately saw the error of their ways and extended it for 2 more years making fans happy everywhere. Why not celebrate

Vending Gumballs

$387.6 MILLION —- $387.6 Million. That’s the total bubble gum sales for a 52 week period ending in February of this year. That’s a lot of gumballs ! I love gumballs! Gumballs remind me of a time when I could run outside all day barefoot and just