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Holiday Candy on Sale!

With the holidays upon us candymachines.com offers an enormous variety of festive candies to make your home or office party tables a place that folks will want to visit over and over again. Our Red, White, Green Mix Mini Jawbreakers are sure to get anyone in the

Red White Green Mix Mini Jawbreakers for the Holidays!

I’m an early bird when it comes to getting ready for Christmas, and since my husband wants to have his entire family here for Christmas Day the hunt is on for appropriate goodies.  I was thrilled to found your web site with the enormous variety of candy

Order Cinnamon Hot Balls Now!

Cinnamon Hot Balls for the Red Hats! I have to host the Red Hat Society Thanksgiving party and since all women love candy, I figured I’d buy lots of different kinds and make a candy bar. I found the perfect candy for my fun ladies at CandyMachines.com.

Buy Black Magic Balls Candy For Halloween!

Black Magic Balls Candy With Halloween coming up I have made up small bags of candy for the neighborhood kids. I found your web site and ordered the Black Magic Balls Candy by the Pound. Even though you have them available in 1, 2 or 5 pound

Buzzards Sour Jawbreakers to Vend!

Looking for something different to vend in your gumball machine other than gumballs? Try these Buzzards Sour Jawbreakers that candymachines.com is offering! They have a great sour candy center. It’s so sour it will knock your socks off! This will be great for kids and teens that

Vend Jawbreakers instead of Gumballs!

Can’t Vend Gumballs? Got a location that doesn’t want gumballs? Why not try jawbreakers? Jawbreakers will vend in the current 1” gumball wheel you have as well as some of our great Whirler machines. Candymachines.com has a great selection of jawbreakers and many of them have a

Buy Big Berry Breaker Jawbreakers!

Big Berry Breaker Jawbreakers Looking for something fun for your next party? These berry flavored jawbreakers will be a HUGE hit. They are about 2 ¼” in diameter and have a bubble gum center. The flavors, Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry, and Huckleberry are great and long lasting.

Order Bizarre Bruisers Jawbreakers Today!

These jawbreakers are HUGE and perfect for any retail counter! The Bizarre Bruisers Wrapped Jawbreakers come in a case of 72and are individually wrapped. The jawbreaker measures a whopping 2 ¼” in diameter. The candy jawbreakers are assorted bright colors with colorful speckled shell and have a

Bizarre Time Jawbreakers For Sale!

Bizarre Time Jawbreakers are a smaller version of our Bizarre Bruisers Jawbreakers. The candy jawbreakers are assorted bright colors with colorful speckled shell and have a great fruit flavor with a “secret” candy center. The jawbreakers come 975 pieces to a case and measure 1” in diameter.

Blots Gum Filled Jawbreakers!

These Blots Jawbreakers are a great gum filled 1” jawbreaker and made by Oak Leaf. These five tempting flavors Strawberry (Pink), Cherry (Yellow), Raspberry (Red), Blueberry (Blue), and Huckleberry (Purple) are sure to be a hit for any of your vending machines with a 1” gumball wheel.