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Indulge In The Benefits of Chocolate

Let them eat Chocolate! Check it out! A recent study of 972 healthy adults in sunny San Diego, CA found that those who indulged their craving for chocolate and average of twice a week weighed less than those who ate it less often. How can this be

Order Your M&M’s Candy Today!

M&M’s – An inspired candy! Do you know the history of the M&M?  The founder of Mars Company got the idea for the chocolate confection in the 1930’s during the Spanish Civil War when he saw soldiers eating chocolate pellets with hard shells of chocolate – which

Order M&M’s Candy For Your Health!

The healing power of Chocolate One of the most popular chocolate brands there is and that has always been my favorite are M&M’s, such beautiful colors that adorn them makes it delectable to our brain, at least to me. Every time I open a bag of them

Melts in Your Mouth Not in Your Hands!

In 1941, American GI’s serving in WWII were introduced to what were soon to be America’s favorite candy coated chocolates. When M&M’s first came out, they were packaged in cardboard tubes.  In 1948, the packaging was changed to what we know as the little brown bags today.

M&M’s Has Long History

Have you ever wondered why those delicious pop-in-your-mouth M&M’s candies came to be? Since they’re my favorite candy I had to know. Here’s what I found out……….. M&M’s have a long history in the United States . They were first produced in New Jersey in 1941 by