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Buy Your Vending Refill Supplies From Us!

Classroom prizes I’m an elementary school teacher in Ohio and I just want you to know that I’ve bought lots of little rewards for the students in my class from You always have the perfect prizes for my “kids.” Lately I’ve been giving out the Giant

Sqwishland Pet Friends Vending Capsules

Whether you call them Sqwishland Pet Friends, Squishies, Squishy, or just the best little pencil toppers ever, you can buy all your little Sqwishland Pet Friends Squishies right here at

Squishies – Vending Capsules Update

Everyone loves those Squishies! Unfortunately we’re out of stock. A “big hit” is a big understatement. These cute pencil toppers have become such a huge craze, people can’t seem to keep their machines full of them! We are now taking pre-orders for the 3rd/4th week of April is a fan of Squishies on

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New name, same squishy toys

That’s right, the Pet Friends series of pencil toppers were formally called Pet Friends. They are still the hottest selling toy filled capsules ever. The 1.1” Pet Friends Vending Capsules include the favorite pencil toppers like the Penguin, Monkey, Cow, Pig and Elephant These soft toys dispense

Pet Friends Vending Capsules Are Here!

Right now at we are accepting orders that will ship in Mid- February for the brand new Pet Friends Vending Capsules! Some of you might already recognize them because they are actually the new version of the Pet Friends Vending Capsules. Also there is the brand