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Buy A Sticker/Tattoo Vending Machine!

Sticker machines are a great way to earn a terrific return on your money.  A 4 column sticker/tattoo machine at Candymachines.com takes up only 24 inches of floor space.  The tattoos or stickers that fill the machine cost only 16 cents each!   When you sell them for

Buy Eraser Vending Capsules!

Erasers, Erasers, Erasers!! One of the biggest fads these days are erasers.  Kids of all ages love them, and they collect and trade them.  There are some great eraser collections such as:  Eraser Mania, Dinosaur Erasers,  Eraser Cantina, Fast Food Erasers, Perfect Picnic, Rise and Shine, and

Adjusting The Wheel On Your Candy Vending Machine

How do you adjust the candy wheel? Adjusting the candy wheel on your candy machine will allow you to set the amount of candy that comes out per vend. This should help control your costs, maximize your profits, and keep your customers happy. Dispensing too little candy

Bulk Vending Business For Your Teenager

Bulk Candy Vending – The Perfect Business Kids Can Start! Is your wallet always empty because your child is always raiding it because they don’t have a job? In these economic times, it is more difficult for young teens to find lawns to mow, babysitting, or fast

Vending Gumballs

$387.6 MILLION —- $387.6 Million. That’s the total bubble gum sales for a 52 week period ending in February of this year. That’s a lot of gumballs ! I love gumballs! Gumballs remind me of a time when I could run outside all day barefoot and just

Verizon 4G LTE Commercial Uses Our Gumball Machine!

"We feel very lucky in the casting options we were given, and we’d like to thank Jack Mezzio , Chad Neace , and Irena Murphy for their excellent work.  We’d also like to thank our location manager David Williams , our camera provider and consultant CM de

Candy And Gum Sales On The Rise!

The great news is that candy and gum dollar sales are on the increase, according to Information Resources, Inc. In the four week period ending December 28, 2009 sales increased 5.1 percent over the previous December. That accounts for a yearly increase of 4.3 percent, and a

Facts About the Vending Machine Business

Lots of people know that the vending machine business has the potential of earning you a high profit. But that’s not the only thing you should consider when deciding whether to start one or not. Before you start, you should understand some facts about the vending machine

Tips to Increase Vending Machine Sales

Increasing profit in your Bulk Vending business can be easy with these simple steps.  Don’t overlook their importance even though they sound simple. These steps will work to put more money in your pocket and increase your residual income: Put out all of your Vending Machines –

Action Vending Machines Are Money Makers

I’ve been in the vending business for years and figured with the economy in such a downward spiral that my business would drop like everyone else. Surprisingly enough it hasn’t. In fact I’m making more money, and the machines attracting the most customers are the action machines