Teen Princess Dress-Up Vending Stickers

Teen Princess Dress-Up Vending Stickers – Click Here to Buy!

Growing up I loved Paper Dolls! I would sit and play with them for hours. Sometimes I would even make my own clothes for them. Candymachines.com now has Dress up Stickers. The Teen Princess Dress-Up Stickers are just like the old fashioned paper dolls. Each sticker comes with a doll and different sticker fashion accessories for hours of fun. These will be great in your flat vend sticker machine. They vend for 50 cents – $1 depending on your location and with 12 different teens to collect, they are sure to be a hit. Order a box to fill your flat vend sticker machine now and a 2nd box for refills. Don’t forget your display card to help increase your sales.