4' Whirler Gumball Machine

4' Whirler Gumball Machine - Click Here To Buy!

I recently moved into a new condo and wanted some unique conversation-starting décor.  One of the items I purchased was the 4 Foot Whirler Gumball Machine, which is now in my living room.  This gumball machine is typically used for bulk vending in business, but CandyMachines.com switched the coin mechanism to “free spin”, which allows my guests (and myself) to dispense gumballs without using a quarter.

This gumball machine is so fun because every time someone wants a gumball, it spirals down the clear base to be dispensed.  There are many gumball machines and candy machines available, but I just love the funky, retro look of this Whirler Gumball Machine.  

These machines come in ten different colors and I chose white for the gumball machine in my living room.  White is such a clean, neutral color that no matter what color gumballs are inside, it will look really good. 

I’ve had lots of fun shopping at candymachines.com for refill gumballs for the upcoming holidays.  I bought black gumballs and orange gumballs for Halloween, and I’m going to mix them up and fill my giant gumball machine globe with them. 

I plan to buy many more colors of gumballs and because the selection is so wide I keep getting more and more decorating ideas as I shop!