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The Lil’ Whirler Candy Machine is Available Now!

Oct 27, 2011

The Lil’ Whirler Candy Machine is Available Now!
Lil' Whirler Candy Machine

Lil' Whirler Candy Machine - Click Here To Buy!

Now Introducing – Lil’ Whirler

Spiral gumball machines are classic feel good gumball machines. While the 4 Foot Whirler and 5 Foot Whirler are fun, there isn’t always room for them in your game room. Problem solved!

We now have the Lil’ Whirler in both a Gumball and a Candy option. This great machine stands a little over 2 feet tall and will be great on a counter top or shelf. A stand is available if you need a little more height and it is available in some great colors. You can even add lights just like the larger Deluxe models.

Pick one up now so you have it in time for the holidays.