Seaga Snack and Soda Combo Machine - VC3500

Seaga Snack and Soda Combo Machine – VC3500 – Click Here to Buy!

The Snack & Soda Combo Machine VC3500 is great for employee break rooms or even in your home for a game room or a man cave. For a man cave, you could stock it with beer, soda, water, pretzels, peanuts, pork rinds, and chips and make a little money for your next man cave event!

The machine holds up to 16 varieties of snacks and 14 varieties of drinks with the ability to program items from $0 to $999.95. This machine also has pull out shelves that are easy to fill and clean and comes with a bill validator for those who don’t have change and can also be set for a free vend. The machine also comes standard with lighting and a heated door to reduce the fog of the cold on the glass face plate.

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