SuperPro Combo Toy Vendor Machines - Click Here To Buy!

SuperPro Combo Toy Vendor Machines - Click Here To Buy!

Increasing profit in your Bulk Vending business can be easy with these simple steps.  Don’t overlook their importance even though they sound simple. These steps will work to put more money in your pocket and increase your residual income:

Put out all of your Vending Machines – Most vendors I know have several machines in storage (usually several dozen).  The more machines you have in the field the better your asset will work to add money to your pockets!  Putting out more machines sounds simple, but this is a huge point.  Get those machines out of storage and get rid of that 0% return on your investments!

Evaluate Your Route – Pull the lowest 10-20% of your machines and redeploy them in brand new accounts. Some of those machines may bring in $30, $50, or $100 per servicing.

Change Your Product – Try a different candy. Change the gum to a candy choice. Try toys instead of gum or candy if it is a place frequented by children.

Find Out What The Employees Like – Don’t assume you know what they like. Ask them! It only takes one or two people to support a machine and make it a good "bread and butter" account.  Better to salvage an account by changing product than having to go out and find a new one.

I hope these tips make your 2010 vending year a much more successful one!