Transparent Antique Gumball Machine

Transparent Antique Gumball Machine - Click Here To Buy!

As of today on, we have a new Gumball Bank that will interest you to know more about. The Transparent Antiques Gumball Machine is available for purchase now! It is 11” tall, and is available in Clear, Green, Pink, or Yellow which gives you a nice variety of colors for whomever you area buying it for.

Some of the product features it has:
Dispenses your choice of junior gumballs, bulk candies, or nuts.
Holds up to 2 lbs. of junior gumballs.
Will accept any coin or it can be set for to “free spin” and it will dispense things for free.
All metal construction.
Glass Globe.
Also has a change capacity of up to $60 in quarters.

With all these great features and a stylish look, it would definitely make a great gift for just about anyone!