Bubble King Soft Chew Gumballs w/ Logo - Click Here To Buy!

Bubble King Soft Chew Gumballs w/ Logo - Click Here To Buy!

$387.6 MILLION —-

$387.6 Million. That’s the total bubble gum sales for a 52 week period ending in February of this year. That’s a lot of gumballs ! I love gumballs!

Gumballs remind me of a time when I could run outside all day barefoot and just chew my bubble gum on the porch with my friends. We would have a contest to see who could blow the biggest bubble. I never seemed to win but it was tons of fun trying.

My favorite gum was anything cherry flavored. I would run down to the corner store and put 25 cents in to the vending machine and get the giant gumball that barely fit into my mouth. It was AWESOME! If they didn’t have the cherry gumball in the machine I would get the grape gumball.

Now that I have gotten older, I have found a new gumball love. The Bubble King Soft Chew . Oh! It is wonderful. It’s the great flavors of gumballs that we know and loved as kids but now easier to chew for us grown-ups. You get to be a kid again!

Now days there are so many different flavors of gumballs too. There of course is the standard classic assorted gumballs, cherry and grape but it has extended past that. There is Lemonade gumballs , Sour gumballs , Filled Gumballs just to name a few. I love the new variety.

If in one year there was over $387.6 Million in gumball sales can you imagine how much it will be in the next year? This could be a good time to be the person owning the vending machine down at the corner store.