Operating a vending machine business has its rewards: high profit margins, and relatively little to do but refill machines and make sure they’re in good condition.

Because you don’t have to police your machines, and indeed, will likely sell more if you don’t stand near them, there is a certain risk in leaving your machines all alone to be vandalized or damaged by inconsiderate customers. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to take care in placement of the machines. Placing them outside or in areas with little foot traffic or with high incidences of gangs or crime will almost certainly result in damage to your machines, so it is recommended to heavily research all areas where you are considering placing your machines.
When picking out your machines, you should also take care to choose ones with a shatterproof globe (often made of polycarbonate or lexan), tamper-proof all-metal coin mechanism, and security locks to attach them to the location. You can also have an alarm set to go off if the machine is pushed or opened without the proper security.

With research and common sense, you can prevent most potential thieves or vandalizers from targeting your machines.

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