Skelanimals Vending Stickers - Click Here to Buy

Skelanimals Vending Stickers - Click Here to Buy

The Skelanimals Vending Stickers, that’s what, and they are here in time for Halloween.

Skelanimals are adorable little animal creatures and each has a story.  Due to their ill advised behavior and recklessness they’ve all met with an untimely end.

For example, meet Matt the Mouse whose favorite scary movie was “9 Lives” until he met his demise with a kitty cat and that’s how he became a Skelanimal.  Timmy the Spider was shy and when he saw himself in the mirror he froze and paralyzed.

Because they are now just bones, the Skelanimals want a warm, loving home with someone special.  And they still want to watch scary movies!

This collection of adorable animal stickers are sure to be a favorite of all children. The series has 14 designs including a Skelanimal bat, dog, panda, rabbit and others.

They come in 300 count for flat tattoo and sticker vending machines, and are packaged individually and protected by a 4 1/2×3 inch cardboard folder. Each column of your machine takes one box of 300 stickers. also has display cards for a nominal fee.