Vending As A Business:

The vending machine industry has been around for years and it is a huge multi-billion dollar a year industry. Americans love our fast food and our candy fixes almost as much as we love ourselves. Chewing gumballs bring back so many wonderful and happy memories for so many of us. This doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Place vending machines in a location with high foot traffic and you could be on your way to an extra $10K or more a year, AND THAT’S JUST WITH ONE MACHINE IN ONE LOCATION!

*Potential Gross Profit Chart for many of our
Candy and Gumball Machines
Gumball Cost = $.03
Gumball Price = $.25
Gumball Profit = $.22

If your Gumball Machine sells…

Gumballs Per Day

x 22 Cents Profit

Per Month Profit

Per Year Profit










































These projections are only mathematical calculations to assist a prospective purchaser in projecting income potentials based on the assumed number of machines and vends shown, and are not to be held as a promise or implication of earnings for any vending machine purchased.  No promise is made of any minimum or maximum number of vends per machine.  No assurance is given that any purchaser will be able to realize a part of these projected figures.  These do not reflect any variables such as servicing expenses, license fees, commissions, salaries, and any other miscellaneous expenses.