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Icy Dinos Vending Capsules (2 inch) 200 ct

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Icy Dinos Vending Capsules (2 inch) 200 ct


Please Call to Check Availability

Icy Dinos Vending Capsules (2 inch) 200 ct


Icy Dinos 2-Inch Acorn Vending Capsules - 250 ct

Stick and Collect Them All!

Introducing Icy Dinos,  a set of at least six colorful dinosaurs on ice! These prehistoric animals died out around the ice age, hence the ice cube included in the capsule. Sticky, colorful and fun, they are designed to dispense in machines with a 2" vending wheel. Play with them! They are sticky!

Product Features:

  • Vivid and Colorful: Icy Dinos come in several colors. They're visually appealing and sure to catch the eye of anyone walking by your vending machine.
  • Sticky: These toys are not just for display; they're toys that invite children and adults to stick them together. Buy several and stick them together! Us dinos have to stick together.
  • Ready to Vend: Your purchase includes an assorted mix of 200 pre-filled capsules, all set to be loaded into your vending machine. Dispense fun and joy in machines with 2-inch dispensing capabilities.
  • FREE Display Card: To enhance the vending experience, a FREE display card is included. These visually attractive cards add value and create attention, enticing more customers to interact with your machine.
  • Safe and Suitable: The Icy Dinos are each intended for bulk vending machines and are not suitable for children under 3 years, ensuring a safe and appropriate user experience.

Looking for empty toy capsules? You can find Empty Acorn Capsules here!

Icy Dinos are more than just vending toys; they're an attractive sticky sensation that invites play and exploration. Whether you want to spark curiosity, provide entertainment, or just add a splash of color to your vending offerings, these -2-inch Icy Dinos are the perfect choice. Order your bag today, and let fun begin!

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