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Nayax Credit Card Reader

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    Nayax VPOS Touch Cashless Credit Card Reader


    Nayax VPOS Touch Cashless Credit Card  ReaderA cashless payment solution VPOS Touch is they Nayax all-in-one solution for cashless payments and integrated telemetry. Now create marketing and sales opportunities that can bring great consumer...

What are the Nayax Fees?

$7.95 Monthly (cashless only - allows for credit card sales and use of database to track all sales)

$9.99 (remote and cashless - allows for credit card sales and use of database to track inventory and all sales)

Next, determine your average transaction value to determine which rate plan best fits your needs:

5.95% Transaction fee (blended rate - recommended for vend value of $5 or less)

2.5% + 10 cents per transaction (recommended for vend value over $5)

Activation Fee: When you purchase your Nayax reader at, you'll get 50% off your activation fee (normally $30)

Do you offer Nayax Technical Support?

Yes, we're able to offer direct-line support for any customer who purchased a Nayax reader from us. Skip the line and get lifetime support with setup and troubleshooting. Please contact our support team at 800-853-3941.

How is money transfered from Nayax to my bank account?

Part of the onboarding process will be connecting your bank account to your Nayax merchant account. Funds will be collected and dispersed every Friday.

Do I need WIFI or an internet connection?

No. Every Nayax we offer connects via cellular networks and each device has its own sim card. If you have poor Verizon service in your area, we have a dual sim option that will connect to the best network in your area. The default cellular network is Verizon LTE.

How do I fix a poor signal?

First, we recommend you put the antenna outside the machine. If you still have an RSSI signal of less than 15, we suggest you install a high-gain antenna. You can purchase a high-gain antenna at

Is my vending machine compatible with Nayax?

Almost all modern vending machines are plug-and-play ready for a Nayax credit card reader. As long as your machine is MDB-ready, Nayax will work with your vending machine.

Do I need a Pulse or MDB Nayax reader?

In general, you need an MDB reader if you have a snack and drink vending machine. If you're installing a Nayax reader on an arcade machine, like a claw or crane machine, you'll need the pulse protocol. Below are all the supported protocols.

We support all the known machine protocols such as MDB DEX , VCCS, CCI, Pulse, as well as our proprietary Marshal protocol to connect easily to a PC-based machine. By choosing the correct set you will be able to connect your machine to our all-in-one telemetry and cashless payment device and start accepting cashless transactions.

What is the Nayax warranty?

We provide a limited warranty period of 12 months for your VPOS Touch device. In the unlikely event that your device needs repair service or for additional information, please contact us at In your contract, you will find the Limited Warranty Terms and Limitations.



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