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Paokai Crane Machines

Paokai is a crane and claw machine manufacture based out of Tawain. Founded in 1985, Paokai is not part of the WU MAR HARNG group, and they primarily manufacture claw machines and amusement games. We have parts that may be compatible with some Paokai machines depending on when it was manufactured. 

Blue Mini Crane Claw Vending Machine

Main Products:

  • Mini Crane Machines
  • Toy Crane Machine
  • Redemption Machine
  • Amusement Sport Machine
  • Pinball Machine
  • Coin Changer


Paokai and WU MAR HARNG Company history:
WU MAR HARNG Enterprise Co., Ltd. established. Dedicated to automatic vending machine designing, manufacturing and distribution

Launched maxi pad and condom vending machines and becoming the first manufacturer of vending machines in Taiwan. Started to cooperate with customers for ODM cigarettes crane machines. New sales channels through crane machines combining vending and entertainment.

Company’s formal participation in Electronic Entertainment Industry, Dedicated to OEM/ODM design, manufacturing and marketing. Our design project includes game concept, mechanical parts assemblage, software & hardware, cabinet, graphics and complete game machines; all made in house.

Started to export products Worldwide.

PAOKAI Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. founded, in order to strengthen software and PCB design.

1st expansion of the factory with a metal shop dedicated to design and manufacturing all parts made in metal

Completed three different types of platforms for VGA and SVGA video games and video slot games.

2nd expansion of the factory moving to the actual new headquarter located in Tafa Industrial Park in Kaohsiung County with a total 8500 square meters.

3th expansion of the company converting the previous headquarter into wood cabinet factory. We import by ourselves high-quality plywood and have specially formulated our own glue for the cabinet best quality control.

4th company expansion with a new-built factory (land: 8000 square meters) dedicated to metal cabinet and slot machine assembling. Slot machines annual production capacity of approximately 30,000 sets.

Corporate Philosophy:

Introducing advanced marketing concept, guiding consumption, through insisting on quality as Priority, Service first, Best Price and Fast Producing. We insist consistently on servicing customers by the strictest request on design, production and quality control.
Quality determines Value, Value determines Feature.
Taiwan factories, 100% Made in Taiwan products.

PAOKAI Electronic is part of WU MAR HARNG Group of companies which has been founded in 1985. The company started with manufacturing vending machines in cooperation with Fuji Condoms Company and Johnson & Johnson Taiwan. The product has had great success in the local market of Taiwan.
Considering the growing international market demands of electronic games machines, PAOKAI has been founded 2 years later, incorporating software, hardware engineering staff and technology to dedicate not only in mechanical products, but also electronics products.